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3-Day Low Light & Flash Photography

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3-Day Low Light & Flash Photography

Course overview

Law enforcement professionals rarely have the luxury of working in well lite conditions. It's imperative that crime scene investigators have the confidence to take properly exposed photographs with little to no ambient light. This hands-on 24 hours course is designed to not only familiarize experienced crime scene investigators with the principles of low light photography, but to also sharpen their skills at long exposure, painting with light and flash photography techniques. Forza Forensics is committed to working with your organizations personnel to make them better equipped to handle any crime scene situation.

Day One.

Students can expect to spend the first day reviewing the principles of how a camera captures light as well as how to set up their cameras to take both low light and flash photography. Lecture and practical exercise topics include:

  • Sources of light.

  • Behavior of light.

  • Exposure triangle.

  • Camera/equipment set up for long exposure.

  • Camera/equipment set up for painting with light.

  • Student photographs review

Day Two.

Day two is spent allowing students to sharpen their skills in evidence and crime scene photography using flash. The focus will be on using flash in typical crime scene situations. Lecture and practical exercise topics include:

  • Flash related equipment.

  • Flash angles and placement.

  • Fill flash.

  • Flash modes.

  • Using flash to photograph interiors.

  • Using flash to photograph vehicles.

  • Using flash to photograph evidence.

  • Using flash for macro photography.

  • Student photographs review.

Day Three.

Day three brings the students back to class during night time hours to practice setting up and capturing photos using long exposure and painting with light techniques. Lecture and practical exercise topics include:

  • Camera and equipment set up

  • Composing long exposure photographs

  • Composing painting with light photographs

  • Student photographs review



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Dec. 17 - 19 Glendale, AZ

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Course requirements.

Students will need to bring any camera equipment normally carried while on duty.

This should include: DSLR camera, camera lenses, tripod, external flash, extra batteries for flash, flash cord, remote shutter release.

IAI Approved.

This course is approved by the Crime Scene Certification Board of the International Association for Identification for 24 hours towards certification and re-certification credit.

*No Forensic Photography & Imaging Certification credit is given for this course