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Basic Crime Scene Photography $525

This 40 hour course is designed to familiarize forensic/law enforcement professionals with the basics of camera operation as well as image composition in a forensic setting. Course modules and practical exercises include understanding camera equipment, shooting in manual proper exposure & focus, using flash, crime scene photography, vehicle photography and more. Learn more...


Low Light & Flash Photography $425

This 24 hour course is designed for crime scene investigators, officers and detectives with intermediate to advanced skills in crime scene photography. Students will hone their skills using established photography principles to capture in-focus and properly exposed photographs using long exposure, painting with light and flash techniques. Learn more...


Upcoming: Dec. 17th - 19th Glendale, AZ


Law Enforcement Photography $425

This 24 hours course is designed for patrol level officers and criminal investigators who are responsible for documenting crime scenes and evidence. Course work is designed to familiarize police personnel with photo documentation routinely encountered during regular patrol and criminal investigations. A large portion of this course focuses on making officers/detectives more comfortable using their DLSR or point & shoot cameras. Learn more...

Upcoming: Feb. 19th - 21st* Peoria, AZ

*Recent change of date


Plantar Print Analysis $275

It's well know that the friction ridge skin on the soles of feet is as identifiable as the fingers, joints and palms. But, it takes additional skills for a latent print examiner to recognize patterns of foot prints and to search latent foot prints against exemplars. Course work is designed to familiarize latent print examiners with various topics surrounding the comparison of plantar prints. This includes topics like the biology of the feet, plantar latent prints at crime scenes, plantar ridge flow, search clues/techniques, recording plantar exemplars and case studies. Learn more...    

Upcoming: Feb. 25th & 26th Peoria, AZ


Developing college style forensic training courses.

Built on principles of passion, experience and diligence, Forza Forensics designs training courses in a style you would expect see during a college level course. Students are always given clear expectations, ample time to practice concepts and the ability track progress by taking self-assessment quizzes each day.

Class exercises are carefully crafted to allow students to increase their capabilities while getting meaningful feedback from their instructor. Forza Forensics encourages instructors to minimize time wasting and redundancy so that students can maximize their time practicing new skills.

Instructors are always encouraged to use guidelines taken from existing working groups and standards organizations to stay current on accepted techniques and best practices.

Dedicated to continuing education.

Your continuing education doesn't stop after a 3 or 5 day class. We use Facebook, Instagram and email to keep you informed and up to date on the latest forensic photography, latent print and crime scene processing topics. When something major changes in our industry you'll be the first to know.

Starting days after your course ends, students will receive additional practice exercises and product reviews to keep minds turning and skills sharp long after class ends.

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