3-Day Law Enforcement Photography

Course overview

Today, patrol officers and detectives are asked to do more and more when investigating a crime. They are increasingly held accountable for properly documenting even small crime scenes. This hands-on course is designed to not only familiarize officers with how to handle their camera, but also how to properly capture photos from a variety of law enforcement situations. Topics include basics of light, camera operation, crime scene photos and evidence photos. See below for a day by day break down of course topics.


Day One.

Students can expect to spend the first day becoming familiar with basic camera operation and increasing their understanding of what it takes to capture a quality photography. Topics include:

  • Camera care

  • Camera knobs and buttons

  • Capabilities and limitations

  • Basics of optics and camera function

  • Capturing images

Day Two.

Day two is spent familiarizing students with the basics of evidence and crime scene photography. Focus will be on what photos to take and when. Topics include:

  • Establishing location

  • Over-all, Mid-range and up close photographs

  • Use of scale in photographs

  • Maintaining integrity of photographs

Day Three.

Day three is spent on situations patrol officers are likely to photograph on duty. Students are expected to use the skills they gain during days one and two to properly document a variety of investigative situations. Topics include:

  • Vehicle/collision photos

  • Search warrant photos

  • Drug/paraphernalia

  • Subject/injury photos

  • Firearms/ammunition photos



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3-day Law Enforcement photography

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Feb. 19th - 21st Peoria, AZ

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Course requirements.

Students will need to bring any camera equipment normally carried while on patrol and a flash light.