Forensic casework

Forza Forensics, LLC has a network of highly qualified forensic science professionals who can assist government organizations or private parties with anything related to physical evidence.

Whether it’s a cold case review or your organization needs to know who handled a document, we treat your case with attention and care.

All clients are issued a case number which is used to track every step of the process. All documents are stored in a secure server and are available to our clients at anytime.

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Latent print developed on a check in question.

Latent print developed on a check in question.

forensic science Services

Forza Forensics provides forensic services for a number of situations.

  • Case review

  • Evidence collection

  • Incident Photography

  • Latent Print Analysis

  • Questioned Document Analysis

  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

What to expect.

Just like at a crime lab, your case receives a case number which tracks through the entire process.

In every case, will receive a signed case report outlining the details of your analysis as well as a complete chain of custody. Click HERE to see a case report example