We offer specialized latent print courses for not only latent print professionals, but also crime scene investigators and law enforcement officers.


Plantar Print Analysis

This 16 hour course is designed for latent print examiners & other forensic professionals with intermediate to expert experience. This course aims to familiarize forensic professionals with various topics surrounding the comparison of plantar prints. Topics include biology of the foot, plantar latent prints at the crime scene, plantar ridge flow, search techniques, recording plantar exemplars, case studies and more.


fingerprint collection for law enforcement

This course is designed to familiarize
patrol officers and detectives with the
basic skills needed to properly record and
collect latent print evidence. Topics
include basics of fingerprints, black
powder, magna-powder, lifting latent
prints, proper documentation, recording
exemplars and more! This course includes
many practical exercises of latent print
and exemplar collection.