Course overview

The friction ridge skin on feet is just as identifiable as fingers, joints and palms. However, latent print and crime scene personnel need to know what they are working with to successfully complete the documentation, collection and comparison of plantar prints. This course presents forensic professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to document and collect plantar prints at a scene, search plantar prints during comparisons, and how to collect proper plantar exemplars.

Day One.

Students can expect to spend the first day becoming familiar with  Lecture and practical exercise topics include:

  • Anatomy of feet

  • Walking vs. running

  • Ridge flow of planter prints

  • Palmer prints vs. plantar prints

  • Search clues

  • Crime scene processing & enhancement

Day Two.

 Lecture and practical exercise topics include::

  • Plantar print exemplars

  • Mediums and exemplar techniques

  • Comparison of plantar prints

  • Case studies





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Course requirements.

Students will need to bring magnifiers and ridge counters.

Student are also encouraged to bring ink slabs, rollers and ink for recording plantar exemplars.

IAI Approved.

This course is approved by the Latent Print Certification Board of the International Association for Identification for 16 hours towards certification and re-certification credit.